supporting the Ambulatory Surgery Center

Donors who support Good Samaritan Hospital’s new Ambulatory Surgery Center are helping community members who require same-day surgical procedures receive care in a state-of-the-art facility.

Community contributions were instrumental in the recent building of the center. Donations helped make it possible to construct a highly sophisticated, state-of-the art facility where surgical teams care for patients in four innovative operating suites and 16 private pre- and post-operative rooms. A spacious, welcoming area with complementary Wi-Fi offers relatives and friends comfortable spaces to wait during procedures.

Questions Supporters often ask about our ambulatory surgery center

How does Good Samaritan's Ambulatory Surgery Center serve our community?

The Ambulatory Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art same-day surgical facility that's patient and family-centric. From parking to registration, from pre-operative to post procedure, from discharge to follow up, all aspects of the Good Samaritan experience are seamless and efficient.

Medical teams perform a wide range of diagnostic and surgical procedures, including general surgery, ophthalmology (including retina surgery), gynecology, urology and orthopedics. Basic neurology procedures also are offered.

The center is connected to our Level II acute care hospital. Ambulatory surgery patients have assurance that all of Good Samaritan's main hospital resources are immediately accessible if needed.

With a single focus on same-day care, the center increases Good Samaritan's capacity to meet the region's growing demands. Main-hospital resources are reserved for patients requiring one level of care while the Ambulatory Surgery Center serves those seeking same-day services.


What distinguishes our Ambulatory Surgery Center's operating suites?

Procedures are performed in one of four operating suites that feature advanced equipment and technology, some of which includes:

  • State-of-the-art "booms," floating shelves that hold equipment and supplies
  • A new optical microscope and a "constellation," a device used for retina surgery
  • C-arm fluoroscopes to guide diagnoses with live images
  • High-definition video units for laparoscopy
  • A Wilson Frame for lumbar procedures

What distinguishes the services patients receive here?

The center’s 16 pre- and post-operative rooms each have TVs and ample seating for companions. Patients with special medical and dietary needs are easily accommodated. 

Administrative processes are streamlined: Patient records are checked 48 hours before surgery to ensure all information is complete, and assessments are conducted over the phone the day before surgery. Open communication is the norm here, both before procedures and immediately following when surgeons meet with patients and their families. A private consult room provides a quiet space for family members and surgeons to discuss outcomes, recovery and other concerns. 

A concierge and registrar, as well as convenient curbside drop-off and pick-up and ample free parking also are available.

What's it like to be a patient at Good Samaritan's Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Patients experience comfort and ease at our Ambulatory Surgery Center. Expert and compassionate personalized care – the hallmark of Good Samaritan – are our promise to every patient we serve.