supporting the emergency department at good samaritan hospital

Thanks to community support, patients requiring emergency medical services receive state-of-the-art care in the new Emergency Department (ED) at Good Samaritan Hospital

Community contributions were instrumental in funding the recent expansion and renovation of the ED. Your additional support will ensure that the care we provide remains leading edge. 

In Good Samaritan’s ED, care is offered in a private, spacious,comfortable setting where clinicians use leading edge equipment and technology to help diagnose and treat patients. Some of the ED’s features include:

    • 32 treatment rooms
    • Designated chest pain treatment rooms
    • Designated orthopedic room
    • Designated pediatric rooms
    • Designated psychiatric treatment room
    • Designated room for sexual assault victims
    • State-of-the-art heart monitoring system
    • Trauma rooms with dedicated X-ray equipment
    • Computerized medication system
    • Electronic medical records system
    • Two X-ray rooms
    • Private family room
    • Spacious waiting area with complementary

Adjacent to the ED, a helicopter-landing zone makes it possible
to airlift patients to our Level II Trauma Center

Questions Supporters Often Ask About Our Emergency Department

Why does the Good Samaritan Emergency Department require ongoing community support?

Developments – and opportunities – in emergency medicine occur quickly. We must continually invest in them to ensure that our community receives the highest possible quality of care.

Neighborhoods served by GSH are among the fastest growing in the state. In 2009, 35,000 patients visited our ED. In 2017, we expect that more than 52,000 people will come to us for care. 

What makes the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Special?

A spacious, tastefully appointed waiting area welcomes patients and family members, and 32 private treatment spaces allow for maximum efficiency and enhanced patient comfort. 

We provide separate treatment areas for critically injured patients and those with non-life threatening complaints. We also offer specially designed care spaces for women, children, patients suffering strokes and chest pain, patients with psychiatric needs and victims of sexual assault. 

What advanced equipment and technology do clinicians in the Emergency Department use to care for patients?

New imaging equipment, including an MRI suite, CT scanner, portable C-Arm unit and Ultrasound Unit, help our physicians diagnose illnesses and injuries accurately and efficiently.

Also, our electronic medical records system provides immediate access to complete patient histories, which are critical when medical decisions must be made quickly. 

How can I help ensure that the emergency medical care I receive
at Good Samaritan will remain second to none

Support us. Ongoing contributions from supporters like you help ensure that the services you – and those you love – receive at our ED will remain of the highest quality.

Every dollar makes a difference; please consider a contribution today.