supporting the Family Unit

Donors who give to the Family Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital are helping mothers deliver babies in a state-of-the-art birthing center. Each year, approximately 3,500 babies take their first breaths at Good Samaritan – more births than at any other hospital in the region. 

recent renovation and expansion of our facility has added 12 new private rooms (increasing Good Samaritan’s total to 31). The unit now provides a peaceful environment for mothers, and it offers space for fathers, siblings and other relatives to bond with their newest family member. To stay current with advances in patient care, we continue to invest in equipment and technology, ensuring that our mothers and newborns have healthy beginnings here.

Questions Supporters Often Ask About Our Family Unit

How does Good Samaritan's Family Unit serve families and children in our community?

Approximately 3,500 babies are born annually at Good Samaritan Hospital. Population estimates for this region indicate continued growth in the numbers of births through 2030.

What distinguishes Good Samaritan’s Family Unit?

Ample space allows moms, dads, siblings and other relatives to get to know "baby" in a comfortable, private, homelike setting. Nurses' stations and a lactation office put all moms and newborns in close proximity to practitioners. 

Adding to patient comfort, nourishment centers are within easy reach of all rooms. Patients and their families can select healthy snacks that meet special dietary needs including diabetic, kosher and vegetarian. As well, microwaves and refrigerators are available for heating and storing food.

Keeping patients safe is always our primary consideration. The central monitoring system for women in Labor and Delivery has been upgraded so important decisions are informed, in part, with data from advanced technology.

Learning how to grow together as strong families is part of the Good Samaritan experience. We pay close attention to the physical and emotional needs of the whole family during this important time. For example, our highly regarded Grandparent Program helps grandmothers and grandfathers step into their new roles with insights and confidence.

Why does Good Samaritan continue to invest in the Family Unit?

The need for mother and baby services in our region is growing steadily. Good Samaritan Hospital is the regional birthing center of choice for physicians and families. More babies are born here than at any other hospital in the area. While some hospitals have seen a decline in birth rates, our deliveries have steadily increased since 2000.

We manage routine and complex births. Our Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the only facility in the region designated to care for premature infants born after 30 weeks. The NICU also is an access point for treatment for newborns from other nearby hospitals.

What is it like to have a baby at Good Samaritan?

Having a baby at Good Samaritan is a safe, comfortable, family-oriented experience. Seven state-of-the-art private birthing suites and 31 private post-partum rooms offer ample space and privacy during and after delivery.

The unit houses two nurses' stations, two well-baby nurseries, one NICU, two lactation offices and two nourishment centers.

The first hours spent together are unforgettable. Our new Family Unit helps make those special moments complete with joy and wonder.