Josephine Flatley knows good medical care when she sees it

Josephine Flatley is a caring and optimistic person who knows good medical care when she sees it. At 72, she is grateful that she's been blessed with a warm and loving husband, three children and six grandchildren. She and her husband Patrick live in Mahwah. Before her retirement, Josephine worked as a registered nurse in Obstetrics at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan.

A routine mammography led Josephine through a series of tests in 2005, when she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. More tests revealed that the cancer had metastasized.

After an initial appointment at The Bobbi Lewis Cancer Program, Josephine sought a second opinion at another medical center. "It felt too much like an impersonal clinic there," she said. "The doctor there took four personal phone calls during my appointment, and that helped me decide to stay with Dr. Bhardwaj."

"Many people think they have to go to a nationally known medical center when they get a cancer diagnosis. This is not always the best decision," Josephine says. The doctors who work in local hospitals like Good Samaritan receive their training at leading cancer centers and give their patients wonderful care."

Josephine has been coming to The Bobbi Lewis Cancer Program for nine years. Dr. Bhardwaj explained to her how some cancers could be treated as long-term illnesses. "I'm a perfect example of that. Because of his warm demeanor and the personalized care he provides, I'm still here," she says. "I also appreciate the warm and caring nursing and office staff. Because I'm a retired nurse, I appreciate their attentiveness and compassion. I really cannot say enough good things about Good Samaritan Hospital, the nurses and of course, Dr. Bhardwaj."