Margaret Sheils is feeling great and planning a big party

Margaret Sheils, 43, is a loving wife, devoted mother, lucky sister and daughter to lovely parents. She says that her family has stuck by her side since she was diagnosed with breast cancer last spring. Margaret recently finished treatment. "I'm feeling great," she says. 

The cancer was detected when Margaret had a routine mammography.  "I go diligently, each year at the same time, during spring break when my kids have no school," she says. "Last year the results were very different. If I had missed that mammography – even missed one year – it would have been really bad, I had an aggressive cancer." 

The mammography and a lumpectomy were done on Long Island where Margaret grew up and where her father practices medicine as an OB/GYN.

he wanted to receive subsequent treatment close to her home in Warwick. Margaret interviewed three oncologists before deciding where to go for chemotherapy. One of those meetings was at The Bobbi Lewis Cancer Program with Dr. Bhardwaj. 

"Our meeting lasted nearly two hours," says Margaret. "Dr. Bhardwaj listened intently to what I said, hanging on my every word. He explained my diagnosis and options for treatment and gave very detailed answers when I asked questions. I was completely at ease. He was unwavering in his commitment," Margaret says. "He is smart, polite and friendly, and his work ethic is superior. Because my dad is a physician, my expectations for doctors are high. Dr. Bhardwaj surpassed all of them."

Margaret's father accompanied her to that first meeting. "We left the appointment and my dad said, 'This is the guy – my man!'"

Margaret is confident that Dr. Bhardwaj's years of experience and attention to detail would give any patient the best possible outcome. She also has high praise for the nurses and staff at The Bobbi Lewis Cancer Program. "They are exceptional. I felt like was being treated by family – I was treated like a person, not a patient. My appointments were exactly on time, no waiting, and my phone calls were answered immediately," she adds.

A bit more about Margaret

Margaret and her husband Pat have two children. Patrick is nine and Ava is seven. "Both kids are very active. I am a busy 'domestic diva,' she says. Margaret also is extremely close with her sister and brother-in-law and her "two beautiful nieces" who live in California. She considers herself fortunate to have dear friends with whom she shares wonderful relationships, as well.

She says that she's "always lived pedal to the metal." That hasn't changed much since her diagnosis. "The only difference is that I don't sweat the small stuff anymore," she says. "I don't care if the kids get pizza sauce all over the place. Once you have what everyone fears – cancer – everything else is insignificant."

Margaret's calendar is packed with activity. But there are two events that are especially exciting. "My birthday is in March and I just finished treatment, so we're having a big celebration," she says.  Her entire family also has a vacation to Aruba booked for August.  Margaret says, "We go there every year, but I missed this past summer because I was sick. This is going to be better than ever!"