A Tribute to Dr. Bhardwaj
By Steve and Wendi Zecher

I have been fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Bhardwaj for the past 14 years. He has treated me for lymphoma and during this time, I have found him to be both an amazing doctor and person. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote “The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in the direction we are moving.” This quotation describes the deep personal feeling I have for Dr. Bhardwaj.

During my years of treatment, I have found Dr. Bhardwaj to be an advocate for patients, a caring and honest person who is filled with compassion, concern and dedication. He is exemplary in his medical practice. Early in my treatments, Dr. Bhardwaj described to my wife and me that evaluating cancer was much like peeling an onion.

His honesty and thoughtfulness during these last 14 years have made an immense impact upon my family and me.  Dr. Bhardwaj's staff at The Bobbi Lewis Cancer Program, Liz, Vicki, Pam, Kathleen and Mercy, make every visit to the office a family experience. The entire process is dominated by Dr. Bhardwaj's attention to detail, care for his patients and search for the best treatments.

To me, every day is a blessing. Fourteen years ago, I did not anticipate many of the wonderful things that have transpired since my initial prognosis. My wife Wendi and I recently celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary and I have seen my children, Josh and Jen, prosper and thrive into outstanding adults. Josh is a COO of a communications company in Washington, DC and Jen is an Elementary School Principal in Sterling, Virginia. Our son Josh and his wife Christine are the parents of our wonderful granddaughter, Bridget, who is eleven.

We have been able to enjoy our family, travel, participate in outdoor hobbies, read, go to the theater and interact with our friends. We do not take any of these things for granted and we credit Dr. Bhardwaj for allowing us these wonderful life experiences. Dr. Bhardwaj enabled Wendi and me to enjoy a life of joy, happiness, family and friends – all filled with love. 

If I were to create the template for the model physician, he or she would exemplify the qualities of Dr. Bhardwaj. He or she would be intelligent, compassion, dedication to excellence, attention to detail, diligence, hard working, patient centered and surrounded by a staff which reflects his values. 

Over these many years, my daughter has run a marathon and a number of half marathons to raise funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. She has raised thousands of dollars for the cause.

I will be eternally grateful to a man who has dedicated his life to truly helping others. Dr. Bhardwaj deserves to be honored for his efforts. However, I truly hope that without being overtly honored he knows in his heart how many people he has positively touched through his expertise, honesty, care and love for life. 

Thank you Dr. Bhardwaj for my quality of life and for enriching the life Wendi and I have been able to have since our first encounter.